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Lana Del Rey’s cover of “Once Upon A Dream”. Google Play has posted it and the song is FREE. So get it quick!!

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someone in the world is maimed or killed by a landmine every hour. apopo is a not for profit ngo that has spent the last twenty years developing and implementing “hero rats” to clear affected areas of their landmines - over 1500 in tanzania, where apopo is headquartered, 2,728 in mozambique, and 657 in thailand. there also ongoing operations in angola and cambodia. 

rats are known to be amongst the most sensitive animals when it comes to smell, with more functional genes for their olfactory system than any other mammal. a rat’s nose is constantly active and moving, and is always close to ground where vapour concentrations are highest and wind speeds are lowest.

the african giant pouched rat, being highly sociable and native to sub saharan africa, is specifically trained to detect tnt and mine casing minerals. using a combination of click training and food rewarding that begins shortly after birth and lasts nine months, the rats are able to cover 100 square metres of land in 20 minutes - something a human would need an entire day to do.

weighing just over a kilogram, the rats are too light to set off a landmine, and not one has died from the work. apopo adheres to very strict animal welfare protocols, and the rats are treated with the greatest of care and attention, with most meeting their expected eight years of life.

photos by sylvain piraux. consider adopting a rat, where you’ll get real time updates on your rat’s training and life saving work. you can also chose to instead have your rat trained to sniff out tuberculosis in sub saharan african villages (apopo has trained rats to do in ten minutes what it takes lab technicians a day to detect)

This is hella cool.

Not dog related, but awesome animal training nonetheless. Might also be a good, cheap alternative to dogs. 


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Once you lose someone it is never exactly the same person who comes back.
—Sharon Olds, Satan Says   (via larmoyante)
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I just want to pour my soul out on someone and not have to worry about the mess I’ve made.
—Unknown (via 13thmoon)

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do you ever just make yourself a little nest underneath your blanket and snuggle up into it and everything is beautiful and cosy then five minutes later it feels like hell’s sauna and you emerge gasping for air with heatstroke

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my worst fear is laughing at a joke I don’t understand and having someone ask me to explain it

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have you ever been disappointed upon discovering whats for dinner

because i have

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fun fact: if a persons body odor smells good to you that means they have an immune system basically opposite of yours! this happens so the chances of finding a mate with the opposite immune system is greater and the chances that any offspring you produce together will have a stronger immune system is greater.

this is fascinating

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Oh my Gogh

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how can lawyers argue without crying 

or swearing

if i went into a courtroom i’d be all

now you fucking listen here you little cumslut 

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